Monday, September 8, 2014

We are completely beside ourselves | Karen Joy Fowler

It's a bit hard to review this book without giving away any of the twists and turns. BUT I can highly recommend it! It is well written, inventive and intriguing. Not your usual run of the mill story.

We have a young woman narrator who says she is starting the story in the middle. This informs the structure of the book, we jump to different parts of the story as she narrates. It is not a chronological story, but it makes sense as she tells it.

She is telling us about her family, how it was a happy one, with her sister and brother. Then, something happens and they become dysfunctional and broken. She tells us she has lost her sister and her brother has disappeared. There is a central mystery, which she tries to uncover and understand as she makes sense of her childhood.

Enough said! Well worth reading. Well written, well told.

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