Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Rosie Project | Graeme Simsion

When science meets...Rosie. What a lovely story this is. I shy away from 'romantic' fiction but this is quirky and lovely, not the usual take on love and life.

The main character, Don Tillman, has an ordered scientific mind and once he sets his sights on finding a life partner, he approaches the task in a very scientific way. Each candidate is given a long survey to fill out, the results analysed for suitability and then Don tried to get a second date.
This approach is not getting the results he wants, women seem to be a bit put off...

Rosie shows up, she's a powerhouse, random and vivacious woman who captivates Don with the sheer energy she has for life and spontaneity. She is looking for her biological father, a task Don helps her with. As they undergo the 'Father Project' they both discover that fate and love can be stronger than science and order.

A lovely read, gentle and funny.

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