Sunday, September 14, 2014

Daddy was a Rock Star | Adam Sharp

Most of us have fairly conventional childhoods. The way we know this is by reading books like this one, which describe what certainly was a very unconventional start to life.  Sharp has tried to capture the essence of his childhood, how it shapes him and informs who he is today.

I suspect Sharp is new to writing, as the voice of the narrator is quite immature and the writing suffers because of this. Repetition is overused and the style is not all that engaging to read. I had a lot of empathy for Sharp as a child growing up with a mother who was a drug addict and a father who was, loosely speaking, a rock star. But somehow the book as a whole felt it needed a stronger editorial hand.
I hope Sharp continues to write. This book is not one I would recommend, but in a couple of years I will see if he has written more, I suspect his narrative voice will mature and become quite engaging.

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