Monday, September 15, 2014

The Valley of Amazement | Amy Tan

Amy Tan is an all  time favourite author of mine. This story does not disappoint. It touches on the lives of three women who are connected by two continents, China and America and it spans about fifty years.

Violet is a celebrated Shanghai courtesan who is half American and half Chinese. Although famous as a courtesan, underneath all the fame and glamour she struggles with her identity and her abandonment by her mother Lucia.

Lucia is a wild American woman who falls in love with a Chinese painter in San Francisco and follows him to Shanghai. There she gives up her daughter and struggles with that for the rest of her life. Eventually she searches for Violet's daughter Flora, and through her tries to gain healing and redemption.

Tan is masterful at exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters. She also touches on the mysteries of love and family secrets and how they can shape many generations.

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