Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tips from your Nana | Robyn Paterson

It’s ok to be like your Nana! In this book Paterson revives a few good old fashioned skills our Nana’s took for granted and we’ve somehow lost in our very modern lifestyles! What I loved about this book is the characters you meet along the way, beautifully photographed by Tammy Williams
The first chapter is on Sister Loyola, an 86 year old nun who won the coveted New Zealand “Gardener of the Year Award”. We meet Dave, who has been selling worms for worm farms for 25 years or so and shows us how to make one!
There are chapters on gardening, keeping chickens, home brewing, making jams and preserves, home-made cleaning products and more.
Why this book is different from others is that it’s very kiwi, it’s beautiful to read and that in itself is an inspiration to get out of the armchair, brush aside the cup of tea and get on with MAKING stuff, not just BUYING stuff.

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