Sunday, May 2, 2010

Notes from an Exhibition | Patrick Gale

I hadn’t read any books by this author so I gave this one a go and I quite liked it.

A prominent eccentric artist dies and leaves her family to puzzle out her life through her paintings. Each chapter heading is the note which would appear in an exhibition with each or her paintings and this leads the story to that part of her life and what was going on there to produce the painting...

An interesting way of structuring the story and it works well. The story holds together and we engage with the characters. There is a family in mourning for a wife, mother, artist, genius. It takes them months to deal with the emotional whirlwind that Rachel was, and how it affected, scarred and moulded their lives as children, husband, lovers.
It’s a good read and I went on to read other books by Gale but didn’t find them as good as this one so if you enjoy this one, it’s as good as they get!

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