Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit | Jack Deere

I read this at a time when I was searching for a different dimension in my spiritual journey. Jack Deere explores a side of Christianity which focuses on the Holy spirit and learning to communicate in a real way, on a daily basis with the Spirit. It has Biblical depth and Deere is no airy-fairy proponent of the charismatic movement. He has sound grounding and a true faith which comes through in his informative text  and personal experiences to back it all up. Deere describes himself as a skeptic turned seeker.
No matter where we are in our faith journey this book is well worth reading. There is ample proof that the Holy Spirit speaks today and miracles do happen.
Reading this book was a turning point in my journey. Well worth exploring.
I went on to read “Surprised by the Voice of God” in which Deere concentrates on how God communicates with us today.

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