Thursday, July 22, 2010

What would Google Do? |Jeff Jarvis

This is not so much a good book to read but a lifestyle change! My husband raved about his book and insisted I read it, so I did. And I’ve learned to be Googlier and googlier!
In this book Jarvis shows us how Google has redefined how we do things, how we need to redo things and how much Google has influenced the world we live in. So what? You might ask… In reading this book I’ve learned that blogs aren’t for nerds with no friends to talk to. They are actually a platform from where anyone can launch their expertise into the world of people who want to learn, who search and find all they need on the internet. I learned that the way we do business has to change to become more efficient, Googlier.
How has Google influenced God, medicine, mobile phones, the health system, Universities and education….It was insightful and helpful. I‘ve looked up the websites Jarvis recommends as examples, I’ve started a blog doing what I’m passionate about: talking about books. I’ve started reading blogs and looking more strategically at what I do and what I know and how I can become Googlier, to fit into a world and a future defined by Google
Here’s a link to his blog, Buzzmachine. Read the book. It’s not for IT geeks, it’s for everyone!

What Would Google Do?
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