Saturday, July 24, 2010

Amagansett | Mark Mills

Yet another great book by Mark Mills.
In this story we meet Conrad Labarde, local fisherman and Tom Hollis, local cop in Long Island. There's a body tangled in the nets, there are suspicious locals and the high flyers who use the local town as their party playground. Who killed Lillian? We are drawn into the story through the investigation that follows.

What I like abut Mills' novels is that he researches them well and I can get right into the scenes and enjoy the landscapes. In this one the sea has quite a presence, and we get to learn a lot about fishing!

It’s not hard to love the characters. We get to know why Conrad’s family become fishermen on Long Island. Tom is exiled to Long Island after being falsely accused of corruption in his previous posting. Lillian’s family uses Long Island, they have a huge sense of entitlement and dark secrets.

This is a good book on many levels, there is enough intrigue to keep us reading, characters we get to care about and a satisfying conclusion.
His other books are well worth a read too, The Savage Garden, The Information Officer.

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