Friday, July 23, 2010

Love and Summer | William Trevor

This is definitively a slow book. There is a very languid felling to it, and even a bit of stream-of-consciousness style about the writing...The characters meander in their minds and I felt a bit lost at times as to who's mindII was in!

The story is set in Ireland, and it has a very defined Irishness about it. The landscape, the way people talk and the concerns of a rural community. The story centres on Ellie, a young girl who is brought up in a convent who goes to the countryside to help a farmer after his wife dies tragically (as only the Irish can!)

After a few years Ellie marries the farmer. They lead a life of small seasonal changes, small domesticity, small social circle. Then summer arrives and with it, heat and long days, summer pastures and hard work in the fields. In the midst of this simple life Ellie accidentally meets a young man from a nearby big house...Although predictable, what makes this story lovely to read is William Trevor's fabulous use of language. His descriptions and the rhythm of his writing make it a pleasure to read, although it doesn't have a lot of pace and action. Not a lot happens, but it does so  beautifully.

Love and Summer
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