Thursday, November 20, 2014

Me Before You | Jojo Moyes

This novel tackles a difficult issue, with humour and a light touch, without taking away from the seriousness of the subject.

The main characters are Lou and Will, two people who are so vastly opposite it is unthinkable they would ever meet...But Lou is desperate for a job, her family depends on her income as her sister is a solo mum and her Dad is made redundant. Will is a high flyer in the business world, daring and adventurous and active...who suffers a terrible accident and becomes a quadriplegic. She is from a low income family, he is from a background of privilege and money.

Lou becomes a companion for Will, who does not want her around. He has a all the care money can buy but has no desire to engage with the world. Lou is funny, sharp and doing the job only for the money. Her contract is for six months, she can put up with his acid tongue and unwelcome manner because of the short term nature of her commitment.

As the story develops Lou finds out why her contract is only for six months: Will wants to die. The rest of the novel deals with the attitudes of people who can't abide by this decision and those, like Will, who have no other decisions they can make for themselves. Their only independent act is to choose to die.

Worth a read, interesting to see both sides of the argument well supported. This is the first time I have read a book by Moyes.

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