Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dark Horizons | Dan Smith

This novel has a great setting, Indonesia. It's well described and one enters into the landscape and feel for the place. The food, climate and vegetation all take centre stage in this thriller.

BUT. It's not really that thrilling. I feel this book couldn't make up it's mind whether it was a thriller or a mindful meditation on life. There is a lot of introspection from the main character Alex. After a while it becomes repetitive and slows the action down, and I lost interest in what he was thinking because I'd heard it all before.

I feel the story has merit, the setting is exotic and the storyline interesting, but enough, Alex, with all the over-thinking!!

I really enjoy Smith's books and writing, his Dry Season being one example. I will read anything he writes, but this one I feel could have benefited from stronger editing and a stronger mindset as to what kind of novel  Smith wanted it to be.

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