Thursday, July 24, 2014

You're still hot to me | Jean Kittson

If you are over 40, regardless of gender, you should read this book!

Kittson was interviewed on Radio New Zealand National, and after hearing her I got her book. It is an easy, informative and very funny book, about ....menopause. Don't discard this review yet, keep reading.

When Kittson started looking into menopause, there was little information available and it was either totally frivolous or so convoluted, it meant nothing. She also found not many women or men were talking about this period (or lack thereof) in a woman's life.

This is NOT a 'poor me' book, it is a candid look at what women go through at a time in their lives when they are busy, effective and are integral to the lives of their families and work places. From one day to the next, they have physical and psychological symptoms which destabilise and impede their performance in many areas. So, let's get informed.
Read this for yourself and your partner, for all the women in your life. They are NOT going insane, their hormones are changing, they are going to be ok, eventually. Be the support crew, drink a glass of wine together and eat more chocolate....Read this book!

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