Friday, July 25, 2014

The Town that Drowned | Riel Nason

This is a great story, well crafted, with strong characters. A young teenager Ruby Carson falls through the ice while skating, and as she plummets she sees a vision of her town submerged in a lake, and a few of the town's people float past her.  Ruby is not one of the popular kids, and is teased because of this vision, which she blurted out as she was being rescued.

We feel tension mount as Ruby struggles to find meaning in her vision, and as she tries to come to terms with being a teenager in a very small community.
As weeks go by, stakes are found in the ground, mysterious people show up measuring and marking things around the town. It transpires that a dam is going to be built upstream and they will all lose their homes and the town itself, as it will be submerged. People start dying, the same people Ruby saw in the vision.

The story is well worth reading, as Ruby and her younger brother are beautifully drawn, as are the many odd people who live in this community.

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