Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ariel's Crossing | Bradford Morrow

This is the second novel of a trilogy, I read it as a stand alone and it held up.

The Ariel of the title is a young woman in New York who, as an adult, discovers the identity of her biological father. He is Kip Calder, a Vietnam vet who disappeared before her birth, leaving her mum to marry their mutual best friend, who posed as Ariel's father.

Turmoil, questions, identity crisis and a road trip ensues. Meanwhile Calder has returned to a small New Mexico town where he was born. He is dying and wants to make peace with his past and is trying to find his daughter. He works for a local family which is full of great characters and historical figures.  The story is well told, well developed and gorgeously written.
Mainly character driven, with a bit of magical realism thrown in, well worth reading.

This is a book which reminded me a lot of Cormack McCarthy's writing. If you enjoy McCarthy, you will enjoy this one.

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