Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Shared Confidence | William Topek

This is the second novel by Topek, and American writer. It's published as an e-book, easy to buy off Amazon.

It's a well crafted story set in the 1930's MidWest USA, among con-men, the mafia, and the main Private Investigator Devlin Caine. It's easy to envisage this novel as a movie, shot in sepia, involving well dressed men and smoky bars, opulence and the vestiges of a lifestyle about to end as America enters the war.

Caine receives an enigmatic call from his almost-estranged brother Nathan asking for his professional help. Something is amiss in the bank Nathan works in and he fears he will be blamed for money that is missing.
Caine arrives at his brother's place and over the next few weeks works tirelessly uncovering a devious ploy by a con man to fleece people of great wads of cash.

And so the story goes. The setting is well researched as is the era and time of the novel. Good solid work, this is the second of the Devlin Caine adventures. The first is Shadow of a distant Morning. I am hoping Topek will publish again soon.

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