Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cathedral of the Wild | Boyd Varty

Boyd Varty is a very young man to live the life he has! In this book he sets down an autobiography full of insight and depth well beyond his thirty or so years.
Anyone who has travelled or lived in Africa will have an affinity with this book as Boyd grew up in the wildest parts and through historically significant times in South Africa's history.
His great grandfather bought a failed cattle farm bordering Kruger National Park, for his own hunting pleasure. Many exploits are told of his legendary lion hunts and other adventures in the bush.

The Varty family live life to the fullest, on the edge of fear and excitement at all times. Boyd's father and Uncle John set out when 15 and 18 to establish eco tourism and a conservation park on the family farm when their father died. In the 70's it was unheard of to let the land revert to natural state and watch animals rather than kill them.
Boyd tells of what it was like growing up in Londolozi Gamer Reserve with his parents, sister, uncle and many local workers. They were heavily criticised for employing and working with black people in the area, rather than impose the laws of apartheid. Once Mandela was released from prison, he spent some time at Londolozi to recover and acclimatise to freedom.

This is a remarkable story, well told. Leaves me wondering what Boyd will achieve in the next 30-50 years, and sure makes me want to go to the reserve and spend some time in a most remarkable place.

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