Saturday, June 21, 2014

Forty days without shadow | Olivier Truc

I love the title of this novel and the fact it's supposed to be an "Arctic Thriller". I've always enjoyed stories set in Arctic regions. Everything about this book led me to believe it would be a good story, interesting setting, a mystery of sorts, the Sami culture, reindeer...And in a way it is, but oh so many words....

I would like to read Truc's 5th novel, whenever it is written (this is his first) I think he put too much of all he knows about the Arctic and the Sami and Lapland into this first story, and it's way too much detail.  Less is more. It would have had way more sense of mystery and intrigue if he hadn't told me so much about everything!

Truc is a journalist and knows the region intimately. I hope he gets a good editorial team around him, continues to write and becomes more sparse, matching the endless sparseness of the Arctic landscape he so obviously loves.

Keep writing, I'll wait!

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