Monday, May 19, 2014

The Town that Drowned | Riel Nason

As the title suggests, a town is drowned by the building of a dam. Set in rural Canada in 1960's this is a wonderful portrayal of the lives of people involved in resettling after the news is given to them that their town will be relocated.
The main narrator is Ruby, a teenager who is a misfit in her community but a very good observer of those around her. Her brother Percy, although never described as such, has Aspergers Syndrome and Ruby's narrative is ofter about how her family and community learn to live with Percy's unusualness. The action progresses over the months it takes for everyone to be relocated out of the flood zone.

This is a very good read, full of poignant moments, weird and wacky characters who populate the town and the ongoing challenge of accepting the dam which will drown all they know.

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