Monday, February 20, 2012

The Snowman | Jo Nesbo

Once in a while I like to take a break from the usual stories I read and immerse myself in a crime thriller. I've read a fair few authors, most of whom have three or four good books in them, gain fame and then rewrite their books once a year just to get published. Boredom ensures.

So this year I was hunting out another author and a friend recommended Jo Nesbo. Norwegian and compared to Stieg Larssen, I was a bit suspicious BUT I started reading him.
I read Redbreast first and was really impressed with the quality of writing and the story itself was captivating and it took a few chapters to work out what was going on.

Then I read The Snowman and was hooked on Nesbo's books. This one was quite creepy, in a good way! Harry Hole is the main policeman, the usual misfit protagonist of these kinds of novels. But he's likeable and carries the stories very well.
In this story there are crimes, there are women disappearing, there are snowmen left behind...What links them all? Read on!
I have just downloaded The Leopard on my Kindle and will start it today. Nesbo writes well, far better than Larssen. The books are very well translated and worth while reading if you enjoy the crime genre.

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