Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lake of Dreams | Kim Edwards

For those who read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and eagerly awaited for Edward’s next book, you will not be disappointed! This story is well written and seems effortless in the telling, the sign of a good author.

In this novel Lucy Jarrett returns to her hometown of Lake of Dreams to find many changes in the town and in her family. Her brother is settling down, her mother is starting a relationship with a local guy, after being a widow for a long time. The lakeside is being developed and mansions appearing. Wildlife is marginalised and the wetlands are in peril.
Interwoven with Lucy’s journey is her family history which begins with her ancestors coming from England to America and watching the passing of Haley’s comet. In her mother’s house Lucy discovers a finely woven blanket with a moon and vines motif woven into the fabric. The motif appears in stained glass windows in a small local church being renovated. For Lucy it is all part of the mystery of her family’s past and the women the family doesn’t mention. Her pursuit of these women leads Lucy to discover something about herself and allows the family to move on from secrets that bind it.
Very good read, enjoyable on many levels and satisfying.  

The Lake of Dreams
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