Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just a Little Run Around the World | Rosie Swale Pope

This is a remarkable book because it is about a remarkable woman. Unbelievable in the face of hardship, grief and the astounding round-the-world-run is Rosie herself. I kept on reading and turning each page in wonder as Rosie tells us of her desire to honour her husband by doing something momentous. He died of prostate cancer and Rosie wants to encourage people globally to get checkups so as to pick up any early warning signs of the disease. 
Most of us would plant a tree or donate to a charity, Rosie runs. She sets off with the support of friends and family from Teny, Wales. She is determined and succeeds thanks to the amazing people she meets in every country and her supporters who meet up with her to deliver her next pair of Sauconys, or PHD designed extreme exploration gear, or villagers who dried her stinky socks along the way. 
Rosie runs through Europe, Russia, Syberia in winter, Iceland and Greenland...Alaska in name it, she ran through, consecutively. The sheer determination she shows is an inspiration. 
We are going through tough times here in Christchurch right now and Rosie has helped to grasp the bigger picture, what is within our grasp even in hardship. Mostly she shows an attitude of great thankfulness and humility at people's ability to give, to help and to encourage. 

Read this book, be encouraged. Check out her at

I would like to read of her other adventures, including her solo sailing round the world, her 26 marathons in 26 days to raise funds for hospices in the UK.. Boundless energy!

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