Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Colour | Rose Tremain

I really enjoyed reading this book because I learned so much about New Zealand’s early European history. It’s the story of Joseph and Harriet Blackstone who emigrate from Norfolk to Christchurch, NZ. 

As I live in Christchurch  was great to be able to visualise their journey and arrival and consequent travel around the province of Canterbury. The harsh land they settle on nearly destroys them. The animals freeze to death in the middle of winter. It’s a tough life and the sudden discovery of gold lures Joseph away from the land and away from Harriet. 

The rest of the story is poignant and well told as each searches for survival, for meaning and love. The pursuit of happiness and meaning in a new land form Harriet and Joseph and they make choices which in turn form the character of the colonials.
The Colour
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