Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Spool of Blue Thread | Anne Tyler

Tyler has been one of my favourite authors throughout the years. When asked why by a friend, I responded that Tyler does people well. In every book, the characters are so well crafted we are absorbed by them.
 This is her latest novel and it is character driven. I laughed out loud at times because it has a black humour undertow. This is the drama of a dysfunctional family getting together to move the parents out of the family home into something more suitable. As siblings arrive, each adds to the chaos and dysfunction of this family, which could be any family.

The narrations dips back and forth from the present to the history of the family and the famous house they have lived in for years. We discover family secrets and we watch as the family copes with the secrets and the future.

Thoroughly worth reading as are all Tyler's novels.

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