Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Bone CLocks | David Mitchells

This book surprised me. I am not a Si-Fi fan but could not put the book down, the story was totally captivating.

I must say, I had watched the movie of Cloud Atlas (also by Mitchells) last year and again, surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying a story in a genre I don't normally relate to. The Bone Clocks has a similar feel to Cloud Atlas but a different set of characters.

It is a very difficult book to summarise or describe suffice it to say it is very very good and worth reading!

Holly Sykes is a runaway teen who wants to dictate the shape of her own life. On the run, she finds she is under the influence of weird 'radio people' in her head, visions and hallucinations of past and future happenings that she cannot understand. As it transpires, on the fringes of her world there are two groups of beings fighting for preeminence in the world of people. They are fighting to control the world though people who have psychic sensitivities.

Throughout the story we move in history and geography and meet people who have all come in contact with these beings, who are integral in the survival of civilization and each other. This is a novel with well defined characters whom we care for, loads of action and intellectually satisfying.

I suggest reading without trying to suss everything out, but just going with it and enjoying the language and the characters. The story does reveal itself in the end. Well worth reading.

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