Thursday, January 29, 2015

Into the Darkest Corner | Elizabeth Haynes

I am cautious about recommending this excellent book, due to very graphic scenes of violence perpetrated against women. I managed to skip them, maybe you can too. The intensity of the story carries the reader along as the characters become more and more controlled by the main criminal.

It is set in the UK, describing the lives of an up and coming group of girlfriends who live hard, party hard and don't have too many cares. The main protagonist is Catherine who is one of the most popular in this crowd. We read her story in two time-frames, one is set in 2003-4 and the other in 2007-8. There is a huge disparity between these two portraits drawn of the same woman and tension mounts until Haynes reveals what transformed the outgoing party animal into a reclusive woman suffering from acute OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder).
It seems to revolve around Catherine's chance encounter with Lee, the good looking guy everyone falls in love with.

We are definitively drawn into the nightmare that is her life. The tension mounts and it was hard to put the book down and involved a couple of nights reading into the wee small hours!

I really liked the way this book is written and will seek out more of Haynes' other thrillers.

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