Thursday, January 29, 2015

Defending Jacob | William Landay

This is a well written family/court drama. Andy Barber was an assistant district attorney in his small New England town. He has a successful life, a nice family, a nice home. Nothing much seems to be able to go wrong, it's the American dream. But one day a student in his son Jacob's class is found murdered and Jacob is accused of perpetrating the crime. How could this happen in a small suburban town to a middle-of-the-road all-american family?

The community and the family implode. Andy is no longer able to work, the police investigators who were his friends for years separate themselves from the family and things start to unravel. Andy has to investigate and figure out who murdered Ben Rifkin before his son is taken to trial.

The story follows Andy and his wife Laurie's nightmare as they try to defend their son as evidence mounds against him. I thought this novel brings to life, in a very intense way, the feelings parents have when challenged about what exactly do they know about their own children. It's scary and a bit realistic, knowing that you could be called to account for your children's antisocial behaviour and it's dire consequences.

Well worth reading. I will seek out more of Landay's books as he writes extremely well.

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