Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wake | Elizabeth Knox

Knox has been a favourite of mine for a long time so I eagerly read this new book. She is amazing, what a great author we have. Her imagination is something else.

Wake starts by describing a strange fire seen in a valley. A police officer drives there as the first responder and on the way starts seeing horrible and unexplainable things. People dead and dying from gruesome injuries, cars crashed and abandoned.
Things are spinning out of control in this small community. Fourteen survivors emerge, but they don't know what they have survived from. There appears to be an impenetrable, invisible barrier surrounding the small town and many dead citizens inside the area.
 As they come to terms with their isolation they have to start managing the situation and the way this is portrayed and the characters developed is masterful. Half way through the book you start wondering if this really did happen or could be happening right now.  And this is why I think she is such an amazing author, she transports the reader into her world.

Really worth reading, highly recommended.

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