Monday, February 10, 2014

I am Pilgrim | Terry Hayes

This is a fabulous read. It's Hayes' first novel but he is no amateur. He is a screenwriter of renown  and a very experienced story teller.

It's a door stop of a book, 700+ pages but it is a quick read. Well pace, the characters leap off the page and in the end, you are busting to read another. I don't know if a series or a sequel is in the offing but I hope there is.

The main character is a secret agent in the USA, from a secret agency so secret it doesn't exist. He is the best agent and is involved in trying to hunt down a new breed of terrorist, one who has manufactured a deadly virus which is to be released into the USA through the health system.

There's not much point re-telling the story, it would spoil the read. But it is very worth while recommending the book, the author and the time spent reading will be well rewarded.

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