Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fame & Infamy | Ed Wright

I picked up this pocket book at an airport when I finished my book too soon. It is part of a series called Pocket History of which I have two others. They are gorgeous books to hold, small 'pocket' size with fabric covers. Lovely. This one is "History's most shocking frauds, scandals and intrigues". It is very well written and each chapter dedicated to someone in history who was a fraud or a scandalous figure or just bizarre.
Wright starts off with Caravaggio's life of passion and art. Tchaikovsky, Fatty Arbuckle, the Petrovs, Lord Lucan and Jim Bakker are among those written about. There is a lot to learn in each chapter about human behaviour, and how each person had an Achille's heel they wrestled with and succumbed to. These wee books are much better than your average airport read and I will try and get more of the series.

The other books I have in this series are "Good Girls don't make History" and "Obscure Events that Shaped History."

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