Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Mountain Can wait | Sarah Leipciger

I seem to have read quite a few Mountain novels lately: Goat Mountain by D. Vann, Bull Mountain by B. Panowich, and this one.

I really enjoyed The Mountain Can wait. It's from a Canadian author, and it has a huge sense of space which is very much informed by the Canadian landscape.

The story begins with a young man driving in the dark on a back country road when he hits a woman. In a blind panic he rushes off without helping her. It is a  dramatic start to the novel, and the rest of the story is spent in slowly unravelling what has brought him to that point in time.

His father is a forester who manages a company  of planters, young students mostly, who live in the mountains in the summer reforesting difficult terrain. Once he learns of his son's difficulty he returns to find and help him.

This is a powerful story two families trying to survive a tragedy. Leipciger writes very well, her descriptions of the Canadian landscape are beautiful and we become aware of the environment developing as much as the characters.

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