Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The world we found | Thrity Umrigar

I really enjoyed this book. It gives the reader an insightful look into modern Indian culture and its juxtaposed with modern American life.
The story develops around four women who have been friends from childhood, have drifted apart in adulthood but are called together by Armaiti who is diagnosed with cancer. Armaiti wants the four to be reunited before she dies.
 Laleh is happily married to her college sweetheart. Kavita is a lesbian in a stable relationship and has a great career as an architect. Armaiti is the rebel who fled India to America and married an American. Nishta married her college sweetheart who has become a devout and strict Muslim and will not allow her to travel with the others.
The plot is simply the journey the four have to take to come to terms with their past and the suture they must face without Armaiti. It is well paced and interesting and the characters really are well developed. They each have an individual story to tell and they have a shared story that is evolving.

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