Friday, August 24, 2012

An Honourable Man | by Gillian Slovo

I found this book recommended by someone so I downloaded it onto my Kindle for something to read while I traveled.

Unfortunately it wasn't as engaging as I would have liked. The story switches between three protagonists and their respective locations.
A London doctor, John, who volunteers for the Cramer Corps in the British Army. His wife who stays behind and finds herself with nothing much to do. And finally General Charles Gordon who was under siege in Khartoum.
John rediscovered himself as he works with the wounded and gets into more and more dangerous situations. He realised his London life has become monotonous and predictable. He realises his marriage has lost its passion and priority in his life.
His wife is caught up in the politics of the war and the stress of being on her own. She turns to laudanum for comfort and is soon heavily addicted. She then befriends a local prostitute to supply her.
Gordon is delusional and awaits his rescue mission with dwindling hope.

There is resolution at the end of the book for all three characters but I felt it was tedious getting there.

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