Monday, April 2, 2012

Let the dead lie | Malla Nunn

This the second novel by Nunn, and having enjoyed her first one i eagerly awaited it. The main protagonist is Emmanuel Cooper, a mixed-race detective in Durban. We get a bit of background from the many references to the first novel, A beautiful Place to Die. This is what spoiled it for me. I think a more careful edit would have made the text flow, taking out the repetitive back-story references and constant reminder he's on a deadline and why.
 I think the first novel is much better, the story is crisper and the ending sews things up. The second novel left me hanging and a bit tired! What was the point of that whole story, I asked myself.

Nunn is a new author so i hope she has a go at a third novel, and gets some better editors on board.

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