Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Started early, Took My Dog | Kate Atkinson

Kate Atkinson is amazing. I've read everything she's written and each story shows how she's developing her style and adding depth to the novels.
This is one in the Jackson Brodie series. He's getting older, more musing, private investigator who has a lot of baggage and is trying to improve himself. And now he has a small dog....An innocent sounding email is sent to him from New Zealand asking him to trace the blood family of an adopted child. There seems to be no clue as to her provenance, but the more he looks into it the more threats are directed at him.
Tilly the aged actress, Tracey, the retired Superintendent, an ex-con, and a small girl are all wrapped up in the mystery of the adopted child.
As always with Atkinson, it's really well written, it tells a good story and has style. Not a graphic crime CSI style, but no less striking and page turning in it's accurate portrayal of human misery, ingenuity and compassion.
Well worth reading this and all her others: "Behind the Scenes at the Museum", "Human Croquet". Emotionally Weird", One Good Turn", "Case Histories","When Will There Be Good News?"

Started Early, Took My Dog
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