Friday, September 3, 2010

The Story Of Lucy Gault | William Trevor

I do like a good old tragedy and the Irish do it better than anyone else. Trevor William has put together a simple story with gorgeous use of language that, although sad, is full of pathos rather than depression. Only the Irish can do this!

The story is set in Ireland in the 1920's or there about. There is disquiet in the land and the land owners are being threatened by the rabble and burned out of their homes. The Gaults decide to leave their land and vast home for a while till things settle down. but Lucy, a young child of abut 7 or 8 does not want to leave her beloved fields with a view of the sea.  
Through a series of unfortunate events Lucy is tragically left behind as her parents believe her drowned. They go off to Europe and never make contact with people left behind in Ireland so when Lucy is found, no one can reunite her with her family. Not something that could happen in this day and age due to Google and the rest, but back in those days, it's totally believable. This is a family to whom something unfortunate happened and Trevor plays out the ramifications and consequences of a small act of rebellion.
I loved reading it and the story of Lucy's life is very well told. 

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